Hello from the Other Side: PCO & Changing Perspectives in the NWS
Christina Crowe, National Weather Service, Silver Spring, MD
Paul Schlatter, National Weather Service
Katie LaBelle, National Weather Service
Charlie Woodrum, National Weather Service
Wendy Sellers, National Weather Service

The National Weather Service (NWS) Program Coordination Officer (PCO) rotation provides a unique experience for those on the front lines of the NWS mission to quickly jump into the circles of senior leadership both within the NWS & within NOAA. Designed as a learning & leadership development rotation, recent PCOs have also noted the unique perspective provided by the experience. This presentation will discuss the PCO rotation in more detail and share experiences from recent PCOs within the context of leadership development, organizational culture, and the evolution of the NWS.

[Please note, this could serve as a traditional presentation or as a panel discussion]