Using Seasonal Readiness Training to Improve NWS Warning Performance
Christopher Spannagle, University of Oklahoma/CIMMS NOAA/NWS/Warning Decision Training Division, Norman, OK
Edward Mahoney, NOAA/NWS/Warning Decision Training Division

Moving towards Seasonal Readiness Training for National Weather Service Warning Forecasters

Christopher Spannagle, Edward Mahoney

Since 1991 the National Weather Service (NWS) Warning Decision Training Division (WDTD) has been providing enhanced training on Communication, Severe Weather Warning Operations, Flash Flood Warning Operations and Winter Weather warning operations to operational warning forecasters.

Working closely with NWS training officers at the national-, regional-, and office- levels, WDTD surveys noted warning effectiveness was often a function of when they last completed WDTD-delivered courses.  These extensive comprehensive courses place great learning demands upon the individual forecaster and their training officers within their office.

Based upon these results, WDTD instructors delivered two training approaches in 2017.  The first training approach had WDTD facilitate a highly structured course targeted at new NWS interns.  In addition, WDTD release a series of taking Seasonal Readiness Training tools for the local training officer.  These tools provide training officers the ability to assess the current proficiency of forecasters in their office and to identify training solution to enhance warning-related forecaster effectiveness.  The Seasonal Readiness tools will be discussed, along with examples of how the tools can be used to better assess one’s current proficiency in a given topic.