Itís All About Perspective: My Life as a Visually-Impaired Meteorologist
Alyssa Bates, NOAA/NWS Warning Decision Training Division and OU CIMMS, Norman, OK

What is it like to perceive information solely through colors and sounds? Weather-related messages have been conveyed through color, written text, and audio for quite some time, and recent research and initiatives are trying to determine which are the most effective modes of communication. But as a legally blind meteorologist, I almost exclusively rely on pattern and color recognition, as well as audio, to receive my weather information. I would like to illustrate how I not only perceive weather information, but how I am able to execute my purely-visual job. I would also like to perform a multi-sensory demonstration of how I view conference presentations. By sharing my perspective, I hope to help others see the world through my eyes so they can be more conscientious of the way my fellow members of the vulnerable visually impaired population are receiving life-saving weather messages.